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30 Oscar perfumes

30 Oscar perfumes

Arabian Oud won three international prizes after the perfumes (Kalimat, Nagham and Sunset) won the first place in the Perfume Oscar Award in Dubai in 2010, which was organized by the International Perfumes Authority

For the second year in a row, the company achieved three perfume Oscar prizes at the ceremony that was held in Dubai in 2011, out of 7 prizes for each of the perfumes (Woody Concentrated, Legend of Arabia, Majestic).

In November 2012, Arabian Oud won 5 international awards during the Perfume Oscar Awards, where it won the perfumes (Shahryar, My Life, Lamsa, Magic Words) as well as the (General Retail Store) award.

Arabian Oud won the lion’s share of the Perfume Oscar Awards in 2013, where it won 5 international prizes for each of the perfumes (Majestic Oud Khas, Donna, Gentleman’s Secret and Woody Blanc perfume) as well as the (Best Single Brand Retailer) award

In the year 2014 AD, the company’s awards from the Oscars to perfumes increased by five additional awards, as each of the perfumes (Awtar, XO homme, XO femme) won an Oscar in addition to the Best Store Award, and it also won a special award from the Perfume Authority for its achievements during the 5 years of the Authority’s life

She deserved to be crowned with the Oscar Perfume Award for the category of the best luxury oriental group in 2015 at the awards ceremony (Al-Maali Bag) by Arabian Oud, which came with an authentic oriental blend of elegant luxury perfumes in one fragrance group with a luxurious bag and rich in diversity. In continuation of the march of success and excellence for its products (Arabian Oud), it confirms its leadership and culminates with four prizes at the Oscar Perfume Festival organized by the Arab Fragrance Association at its seventh session in 2016

For the eighth year in a row, the honoring and leadership was present on the scene, as the company’s balance rose from the international perfume Oscar awards with four additional prizes for perfumes (silver tartil, luscious, Islamic bag) in addition to the award for the best specialized stores in its field, and thus the outcome of (Arabian Oud) is abundant. To reach 30 awards.